Q: I just filed for divorce a few days ago and I got a notice from the Friend of the Court saying I need to come in for a coordination conference. What's that all about?

A: Many counties in Michigan are now using the Friend of the Court Coordination Conference as a mechanism to arrive at a temporary custody, parenting time, and support arrangement. Because it takes at least six months to arrive at a full resolution of a divorce with children in Michigan, a temporary arrangement is necessary in order to define the rights of each parent during the statutory six-month waiting period. The coordination conference is intended to be a nonadversarial, cooperative process and attorneys do not usually participate in this. You should review the letter from the FOC carefully and be sure to bring all documentation including your tax returns, year to date earnings statements, and a proposed parenting time schedule. If either you or your spouse does not agree with the recommended order, there is an opportunity to object to the recommendation and have a hearing before the judge.

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