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Michigan Divorce Process

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The Meaning of No-Fault Divorce

Since the early 1970s, Michigan has been a no-fault divorce state, meaning that the parties are not required to plead (state in the complaint or other papers) or prove (show evidence in court) a reason for the divorce, other than the statutory standa… Read More

When & Where to File for Divorce

Jurisdiction means that a court has authority or power to make a legal decision. Two types of jurisdiction are important in divorce. Personal jurisdiction must be acquired by serving the summons and complaint on the individual. The court must also ha… Read More

Basic Divorce Paperwork

The person who initiates the complaint for divorce is called the plaintiff. The other spouse is the defendant. A divorce proceeding is commenced when the plaintiff files a summons and complaint. Read More

Discovery of Evidence

In many Michigan divorces, particularly those with significant financial assets or where custody is in dispute, I will conduct discovery, which is a legitimate part of the legal process designed to gather the facts needed for settlement or trial. Whi… Read More

Friend of the Court Coordination Conferences

In Michigan, the Friend of the Court is an extension of the Family Division of the Circuit Court whose role is to provide assistance to the court and furnish the court with recommendations related to matters such as custody, parenting time, and child… Read More