» best interest of the child

Q: I have read that custody determinations are made based upon the best interests of the child. Shouldn't that always be a 50-50 parenting time arrangement? It just doesn't seem fair any other way.

A: You’re right; custody cases are decided based upon the best interest of the child factors contained in the Child Custody Act. However, there is nothing in that law th… Read More
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Q: I was never married to the father of my baby, but his name is on the birth certificate. Does he have any rights?

A: The mother of the child is presumed to have custody of a child born out of wedlock until a court of competent jurisdiction says otherwise. The father does not have the righ… Read More
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Q: Isn't a 50/50 shared custody arrangement always the most fair to everyone?

A: Not necessarily. In determining custody, the court looks at what is in the best interests of the children. This inquiry takes precedence over the rights of the parents. Thi… Read More
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